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Our corporate strategy and legal department management experience provides a much broader view of risks.  For example, we know how important it is to get a key customer to sign the dotted line and the impact of missing plan and we've seen how important training, investment in technology, and process development are in achieving strategic goals.  We've also solved a number of impasses creatively, finding the right side of the brain can be as helpful as the left.  Simply put, we view business objectives holistically.  

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If you have an ambitious and ethical business, we would love to talk to you about where you are going and what is keeping you up at night.    

In evaluating your legal solutions, please consider  Eastbank℠, a firm picked by organizations such as New Seasons Market,  A2A Energy, Cambia, and ESCO to meet some or all of their legal needs.


Transaction Work

We keep our overhead manageable, by avoiding the "downtown" trap of expensive office space/parking/build-out.  We also engage only experienced professionals who know what they are doing - no training associates on your nickle.  We have virtual paralegals on call, which can help dramatically reduce average rate for clients.  Finally, we don't have substantial legacy costs that many older firms do - such as old servers, miles of file cabinets, or antiquated compensation models - so we can turn around and share the savings with our clients. 

We were trained by outstanding lawyers. Starting our career at big firms and sophisticated law departments, we've developed our craft the way professionals have for generations: by studying with masters.  

We also have made substantial investment in key technologies, including Practical Law Company, Workshare, cloud-based billing software, and enterprise versions of Office 365, which help us deliver top-notch legal services.  We didn't have to move to the cloud because we were born in it.   

Finally we've run strategic sessions for execs and managed board presentations (and have a few scars to prove it); you get the benefit of c-suite presence from your lawyer, when you need it

Department Solutions

Leveraging 15-years of big firm and sophisticated legal department experience, we handle:  

  • Corporate Matters, including M&A and governance 
  • Commercial Transactions, including SaaS and IT contracts, and
  • Real Estate Transactions, including acquisitions, leasing, and finance 


So Your Business Can Thrive

​​Eastbank℠ is a trusted adviser to Portland businesses and legal departments,

offering strategic and efficient legal solutions.  



We serve as the first call on legal matters for a number of Northwest businesses.  

Whether we handle directly, associate another firm, or refer you to someone else, we want to be your businesses' first call.

Having served in large legal departments as a manager and consultant, we offer corporate legal departments:

  • Temporary or Part-Time Counsel
  • Department Business Process Development​, and
  • ​​Technology Solutions, including needs assessment and Sharepoint solutions.  For more information, visit our sister company's site.